St Helier Covid Reflection Poetry

The past two years have been so difficult for so many people, and Sutton Council have chosen to create a Covid Garden of Reflection at St Helier Hospital, featuring boards displaying poetry on the theme of the NHS, loss of a loved one and a special place to reflect.

When I received the email from Sutton Council asking whether I could provide some illustrations for this project, I was sent a link to all of the shortlisted poetry and it was so moving to read the accounts of both young and old and the different experiences of Covid. I was really happy to allow Sutton to use my illustrations for this initiative.

We agreed that digital illustrations would be best for this purpose, and I created some new illustrations including butterflies which was a fun challenge. I was also able to take time to tidy up and improve some of my existing digital illustrations and to create a page for these on this website

The boards were designed and set out by Sutton Council; this page gives more information about the project and featured poetry.