Beddington Park Nature Trail

Around a year ago, I was asked by the Friends of Beddington Park to paint the Southern marsh-orchids growing at Beddington. This lead to the idea to a nature trail for the park to encourage people, especially families, to explore the full area of the park and all of the wildlife that can be seen there.

This project has taken over a year and has been a real pleasure to work on. Working alongside Muriel Mcintosh and the many experts at Beddington and Sutton Council, we began to develop ideas for a trail and of wildlife to spot through the whole year. Gradually the ideas formed into a leaflet including a self guided trail.

All of the illustrations for this project are digital. These all start with a pencil drawing which I then photograph and trace on the iPad. From here I add layers of colour and mark-making to build up the finished illustration.

It was a new experience to work on some birds and insects for this project and I really hope to do more in the future. As always with my work, I’ve tried to ensure that the depictions are as scientifically accurate as possible as well as appealing visually.

The finished leaflet has been ‘tidied’ and printed for us by Printmates in Redhill – always great to work with the team there! You can pick up a copy at Beddington Park Cafe.